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Pocono Paws  Puppies at: 204 Wieboldt Rd. Cresco Pa 18326

This is a legally­binding contract for the ownership of one Boxer Puppy:     This
contract is made between the seller, ​Donna Simpson  Also referred to as: ​Pocono
Paws  204 Wieboldt Rd. Cresco Pa 18326 ​ Phone  
number (570) 872­8736    And ​buyer:  

Name: _______________________________________  

Address:  _____________________________________  

City: _________________________________________

State: ______ Zip Code: _________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

Email:  _______________________________________

Collar Color: ​____​_____________________________

Puppy Name: ​_________________________________



Dam :     

Purchase Price $  

Shipping if needed $_450.00_____

TOTAL   $_____

Otherwise just the price of the puppy.     

What we expect from our puppy owners:     

_____ The Buyer agrees to provide a safe and comfortable environment, prompt
medical attention and responsible  care for puppy/dog. This includes keeping this
puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with vaccines, proper nutrition,  and fresh
water available at all times. The Buyer also agrees that this puppy will not live
primarily in a kennel and will  not be chained/tied up without direct supervision.

_____The Buyer agrees to provide a life­long commitment to this puppy/dog. If at
any time the Buyer can no longer  retain possession of this dog, Special care must
be taken to assure placement in an appropriate home that can  provide permanent
care. You can always return your puppy to Pocono Paws.

_____ The Buyer understands that this puppy will grow at a very rapid pace during
the first 24 months. The Buyer  agrees to provide responsible care in regards to
bones/ joints by providing quality dog food appropriate to large, fast  growing
breeds and restricting harsh exercises (such as forced running, jumping higher than
dog’s shoulder, care on  staircases, etc.) until the age of 12 months to help prevent
hip dysplasia and joint dislocations.       1 of 2

_____ The Buyer agrees not to take the puppy to any place frequented by other
dogs or puppies until all  vaccinations are completed due to the risk of contracting
deadly diseases including Parvovirus. The Buyer further  promises to complete all
vaccinations in a timely manner.   

_____ The Buyer agrees to contact Pocono Paws if any questions or concerns
arise about the dog’s  health. The Buyer agrees to keep us informed of any
treatment in a timely manner. ​This gives us an opportunity to  follow up on our
puppies and gives us important feedback and information on the health or our dogs
for future  generations.

_____The Buyer agrees this puppy is being bought primarily as a pet/companion.   

_____The Buyer understands that this puppy is not sold as a breeding dog and it is
sold with NO conformation/show
guarantee. The buyer further understands the puppy although sold primarily as a
companion.  Should the buyer choose to use this puppy for breeding purposes it
would only be after assessing your  pup as an adult and making sure your dog is in
excellent health, within breed standard and only after official  certification of hips
(OFA, Penn HIP, or equivalent) were obtained and that, if female, was at least 24
months old.  The Buyer further agrees that this same standard would apply to the
dog your dog is bred with.

_____ The Buyer agrees that Pocono Paws will have the right to come and take
the dog for any  breach of contract and all guarantees are null/void without return of
any money.   

_____This contract shall be deemed a legal and binding agreement between Seller
and Buyer and is under the  jurisdiction of the State of PA in the county of Monroe.
It is further agreed that should any dispute/arbitration between  Seller and Buyer
regarding said puppy/dog occur that the legal venue shall be the County of Monroe,

____I/We the Buyer, certify that I/we have read the contract, understand its
contents and I/we hereby agree.

Puppy Buyer #1                                              Date                     Puppy Buyer
#2                          Date

_______________________________________________  Puppy Seller #1                                               
Date                     Puppy Seller #2                          Date   

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A health record of all shots and wormings as well as a record of this puppies six or
eight week health exam will be provided  to you at time of purchase. The Buyer
agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 10  days
of purchasing the puppy for a physical examination and to notify Pocono Paws
within 48 hours  of that appointment of any medical concerns. The Buyer agrees
that failure to do so will void this Health Guarantee.  Should the Buyer’s vet
determine this puppy to be in ill health at this initial visit, the dog may, upon signed
written  diagnosis from said veterinarian, be issued a full refund. This does not
cover parasites. Even though all Pocono Paws pups are de­wormed regularly
starting at 2 weeks, it is imperative that the Buyer keeps the  puppy/dog on a
monthly heartworm preventative/de­wormer as puppies and dogs will inevitably
come in contact with  intestinal parasites through their environment.     The buyer
understands that Pocono Paws does not guarantee against any overbite or
underbite,  umbilical hernia, white on the chest, or minor genetic or health
problems, other than those mentioned on the health  guarantee.      TWO YEAR
Pocono Paws guarantees that this pup will receive a fair or better hip rating and will
be certified free  of dysplasia by the OFA. If found to have hip and/or elbow
dysplasia  or eye disease, by the OFA before the age of 2  years. (Hips anything
lower than a fair), a replacement puppy will be provided AND Buyer will be able to
retain  possession of the puppy. ​We will not take your best friend away from you
simply because we failed to fulfill our  end of the contract.  ​ X­rays showing the dog
to be dysplastic must include the dog's microchip number scanned at  the time of x­
ray. Pocono Paws reserves the right to have x­rays repeated or PENN hip
performed by  an orthopedic specialist at their own expense. Breeding your
puppy/dog before x­rays are performed will void your  guarantee.

Pocono Paws further guarantees that your pup will be free of other genetic
defects/diseases that  would significantly reduce his/her quality of life.   

The Buyer understands and agrees Pocono Paws is  NOT RESPONSIBLE for any
vet bills or  surgery while the puppy is in buyer's possession. If something does
arise that is genetic, we reserve the right to  request another opinion from a
licensed vet, or specialized professional of our choice, to verify that the puppy
does  indeed have a genetic problem. To receive a refund a copy of a licensed
Veterinarian's written report on the genetic  problems along with accompanying X­
rays must be provided. We reserve the right to have X­rays repeated or  PENNhip
performed by an orthopedic specialist at our expense.

I/We the Buyer, certify that I/we have read the health guarantee, understand its
contents and I/we hereby agree.

_____________________________________________  Puppy Buyer #1                                               
Date                     Puppy Buyer #2                         Date   

_____________________________________________  Puppy Seller #1                                               
Date                     Puppy Seller #2                          Date

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My Boxer puppies are currently sold at $1800.00 to 2000.00 and although prices
are subject to change due to increase of
living expenses this price will stay in effect for this contract.  

All flight expenses will be covered by the buyer.

Thank you, Pocono Paws / Donna Simpson